July 13, 2021

Barack Obama has signed the Affordable Care Act, and it’s a disaster for people with pre-existing conditions, according to Axios.

The law is not only a massive health care entitlement, but it also fails to protect the people with preexisting conditions who are the hardest hit by the law, Axios reports.

In addition to the millions of people who have been forced to choose between coverage or getting sicker, it has also caused health care providers to make costly and potentially life-threatening decisions.

“The Affordable Care Action is not an effective tool for patients with preexisting conditions.

It will cause them to choose their coverage plans and then be put at greater risk of catastrophic illness if they are uninsured,” the analysis says.”

It is the largest and most expensive health care overhaul in history.

The ACA is not a fair or effective way to expand access to health care, especially for low-income Americans.”

The ACA is the law that President Obama signed on Jan. 6, 2009.

The law was signed in order to make health care more affordable for everyone.

In order to qualify for coverage, a person must have a pre-existing condition, be over 65, have a deductible of at least $2,500, and be a working or self-employed individual.

Those who fall under this category are required to obtain coverage, and the federal government must pay for the health care coverage that the person receives.

In fact, the law states that the individual must be at least 50 years old and must have insurance, have not been unemployed in the past three months and be able to pay at least 100 percent of their medical bills.

In total, nearly 17 million people have been denied coverage under the Affordable Health Care Act since it was signed into law.

The vast majority of those who were denied coverage have been African-American, Hispanic or Native American.

The majority of the millions denied coverage in recent years are the young, poor, and sick, according the analysis.

The uninsured are also disproportionately poor and people of color, who have a higher rate of being uninsured than other demographic groups.

In the state of Massachusetts, which is home to one of the largest populations of uninsured people in the country, according Axios, over 15 percent of residents are covered through the ACA, according a study published last year by the Harvard Kennedy School.

The study found that the uninsured rate in Massachusetts is over 20 percent, which equates to nearly 3.5 million people who are uninsured.