July 9, 2021

LasD inmates are getting more information online as they have access to information technology and social media.

The inmates are using the online platform, the internet café and a few other facilities to post messages, photos, videos and news about their cases, but it has also been an important resource for them.

They say the inmates have used the internet to gather information about their incarceration.

The internet café at LasD is a common place for the inmates to congregate and to share information.

“They are using it to communicate and share information with other inmates,” said Sandra Fenton, a spokeswoman for the LasD Department of Corrections.

“We see that in the social media we see, but also in the inmate letters we see.”

“We have the inmates on social media, they are in their cell and they are reading letters to other inmates.

It’s a great resource for inmates to connect,” Fenton said.

LasD also has several online video chat rooms and inmate bulletin boards.

“It’s really important to the inmates and we try to keep it up to date,” Finton said.

“Inmates are using that to share with each other information.”

The internet café is also a common site for inmates who have their own computer.

“There are times when the inmate is just reading a letter or a video, and he wants to post it to the internet,” Fenson said.

“It’s just really important for them to have a computer and not have to sit in the corner and type in text,” she said.

Fenton says the inmates also use the internet for video conferencing and social gatherings.

“I think it’s been very beneficial to the community,” she added.

“If they are communicating on the internet, there’s a lot more room to work with other people and to work together, which is good for our community.”

A prison education program has also become a popular activity for the group.

“The inmates have taken to using the internet in their own words, their own sentences, their sentences have really resonated with inmates,” Feston said.

Inmates from other facilities have also found their way into the online community.

The Department of Correction is working to find ways to provide an online program for all inmates.

“Our staff are working with a few prisons and others to get an online education program,” Fardon said.

The inmates say they are not being isolated and are looking forward to a new opportunity to work in a new environment.

“Being able to talk to other people is great,” Fentonsaid.

“Sometimes we do have a little bit of isolation, but there’s nothing like talking to other human beings.”

Fenton said inmates are also encouraged to attend job fairs and other events that may be held at the LasC prisons.

“The inmate community is a huge part of the LasDs success.

They have been a part of our success,” she explained.

“When we see a new person, or we see somebody that’s different than what they are, we know it’s somebody that needs our help.”

LasD is now accepting applications for inmates in the online education programs.

Applications are due July 30.

The LasD prison website can be found here.