December 1, 2021

Posted October 07, 2018 07:08:30Lasd inmate nutritional information services (NIS) is available for both federal and state inmates, CMS announced Wednesday.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCAM) said it is expanding the availability of the NIS services to include both federal inmates and state and local inmates.

“We want our state and federal inmates to have access to this service, as well as all other correctional facilities in the country, to be able to access nutritional information, as necessary, on a daily basis,” NCAM spokesperson Michael O’Neill said in a statement.

“The NCAM will continue to work with our federal, state, and local partners to make sure this information is available to them.”

This update to the NCAF’s online nutritional information portal also makes it available to those convicted of serious felonies, as of Oct. 12, 2018.CMS also made it easier for inmates to get nutritional information via the online portal, and added a section to the site that explains how to get information.

This update is available on both the CMS portal and the NAM portal, but the NAN website is not.

The updated NIS portal is available at:, and the NCAM portal is at:

The NAN portal has also updated to include a new tab for inmates serving time for crimes other than violent felonies.

This is an important update for inmates, who have been unable to access NIS since March 2018.

In the meantime, CMS said the NANC is expanding its access to NIS to include all correctional facilities.”CMS will continue its work with the state and state-licensed facilities to ensure that inmates are able to receive nutritional information as necessary,” O’Neil said.

The NANC, which is an independent federal agency, provides nutritional information to about 4 million inmates and to other correctional agencies.

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