November 2, 2021

Mashable/Nick Hargreaves More than 100 million users around the world have viewed more than 1.3 billion memes and have shared them on social media since the year began, a new study has found.

But what does the new data reveal about the popularity of memes, and how did it arrive at that number?

Here’s a look at what’s happened in the past year.1.

The internet is not just a platform for memes: The data also shows that there is a lot more people sharing memes than they have in years past.

More than three-quarters of the memes shared on Facebook have been shared at least once.

And it turns out that the vast majority of them have been about the 2016 presidential election.2.

The meme economy isn’t just about the memes: Some of the biggest memes of the year have been memes about politics, pop culture and celebrity.

But there are also more memes that deal with everyday people.

The most popular meme on Reddit in 2017 was “Don’t touch my penis” and was shared more than 3 million times.3.

More memes are making it into mainstream media: The number of memes shared by the general public has increased by about 90% since 2016.

A similar story was seen on Twitter.4.

It’s not just about memes: While the meme economy is a lucrative business for internet companies like Facebook and Twitter, it is also a complex ecosystem that includes content, people and platforms.

And these new data show that there are a lot of people who use the platform to make money, as well as a lot who share the content.


There’s a lot less political content on social platforms: While there has been plenty of news about memes and political topics, the majority of the content that is shared on social networks is not about politics at all.

In fact, the percentage of memes about a specific topic has fallen from 90% in 2017 to 72% in 2018.6.

It is still popular on Instagram, but people are turning to Snapchat: The most shared memes of all time are those shared on Instagram.

In 2018, nearly one-third of all the memes on Instagram were posted from Snapchat.7.

There are more memes in the news than ever: The vast majority are not in the mainstream press.

And that includes the news about climate change, which was down 20% from 2016.8.

It isn’t always clear which memes are popular on Twitter: While some popular memes have been popular for years, the number of popular memes on Twitter has declined by roughly 50% since 2015.9.

The biggest meme of 2017 was Donald Trump: While he is often mentioned as the most famous meme of the decade, there are many other memes that are being shared now.

Among them is a meme called “PizzaGate,” which is a reference to an alleged conspiracy theory that some women are somehow involved in the conspiracy to discredit Hillary Clinton.10.

There is a growing meme economy: The new data also show that the number and popularity of viral memes is growing.

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