October 15, 2021

Energy Department officials are rolling out a new online news outlet for its Energy Department website, the White House said Thursday.

The Energy Department, which oversees the nation’s energy production, announced that it will open a new news portal that will offer an “alternative news source for the public” that will be “in sync with current news and events.”

The news portal will also include “advice and information on how to navigate the Energy Department and the Energy Administration.”

The move is part of a push by the Energy and Environment Department to broaden its reach beyond its traditional news and information site.

Earlier this year, the department also launched a new website for its website.

White House press secretary Caitlin Hayden told reporters on a conference call Thursday that the new website will not be able to provide news for the general public.

The new portal will allow for “a range of perspectives” that “go beyond the usual partisan partisan and ideological lines, and will be reflective of the full range of the Energy Office’s mission and objectives,” Hayden said.

The move was in response to the Trump administration’s decision last year to ban political content on social media and to impose an indefinite ban on political endorsements.

The news portal was launched last year in anticipation of the 2020 election.