October 13, 2021

Fierce clashes between Google and Twitter have erupted into a new conflict after a series of articles by the tech giant accused the news organization of “false and defamatory reporting.”

The companies also announced they would suspend Google News, the popular news aggregator and social network, as a result of the latest skirmishes.

The feud began over Google News’ coverage of the election, when Google said it removed more than 6,000 fake news articles from the site as a “precautionary measure.”

Twitter said it would suspend the site, which is the primary source for news about election coverage, on Thursday, and that it would “not take action to prevent the publication of false and defaming content.”

It was unclear what role the companies had in the dispute, but the feud appeared to stem from Google News reporting on the controversial election in late August.

Google News said that it removed 6,500 articles from Google.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The false and misleading stories promoted by Google News are completely without merit,” Twitter said in a statement.

“The content they published was clearly false.

They have a long history of false reporting and have a proven track record of producing highly misleading content.”

The feud is not the first time Twitter has been accused of misleading users about election results.

Earlier this month, Twitter suspended several accounts that posted false information about a series a states’ voting system.

Twitter said the suspension was based on complaints from users, including a man who claimed that he had witnessed the vote in person and was able to confirm the results.