October 14, 2021

The Irish government has announced plans to introduce mandatory data protection for all citizens on their smartphones and other devices.

Data protection measures will be put in place from April 1, 2018, and can include a data block for all Irish citizens.

The data protection legislation will apply to any device with a screen larger than 9 inches and will cover all devices, from mobile phones to computers.

The legislation was unveiled on Tuesday by Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin, who said the Irish data protection bill would “protect the privacy and safety of our citizens”.

The measures will also be compulsory for all data transfers, with any data from a mobile phone to a computer to be automatically transferred, and the transfer of data from the computer to a mobile or other device to be required to a data control unit.

The Data Protection Authority will be responsible for the implementation of the new legislation, which is the same as the current Irish Data Protection Act.

The Irish Data Security Authority will also oversee data security.

A spokesperson for the Irish Data Privacy Commissioner, Eileen McNamara, said that “the Irish Data protection Act will protect the privacy of Irish citizens and will provide for a national data protection framework that is transparent and transparently administered.”

In addition, the Act will include a mandatory data block on all Irish mobile phones.

Data protection legislation has been in place in Ireland since 2013.

“As with all other EU Member States, the European Commission will work with the Irish government to ensure the legislation remains in force, but the Irish authorities will also play an active role in ensuring the legislation is implemented as quickly as possible.”

A spokesperson from the Privacy Commissioner’s office said that the Commission was also aware of the need to ensure data protection standards are consistent across the EU.

The new data protection measures are expected to be enforced by the Irish Government and will be subject to a two-year sunset clause.