September 30, 2021

The salary of the California state Senate’s chair is set to skyrocket, with a new law expected to raise the amount of time that lawmakers spend at their desks.

The new law requires that senators spend no more than 20 hours a day in the Senate chambers and only five hours in the Assembly chamber.

Senate Democrats said the increase will save them $5,000 a year, while Republican lawmakers said the legislation would hurt their ability to recruit candidates for the Assembly.

Under the new law, the Assembly and Senate are to begin holding conference calls to coordinate their legislative agendas with the President of the United States.

Senate Republicans said that would help them with their fundraising and would also help the Senate and the Assembly avoid spending a lot of time in a conference room.

Democrats have been trying to get some of the $3.5 billion the state has set aside to help the struggling economy to be used for transportation projects, including roads, bridges, airports, schools and public libraries.

The governor has repeatedly said that the Legislature needs to pass a road funding bill to make that happen, but he has been unable to come to an agreement.