September 30, 2021

Health care workers in rural areas will soon be able to use their smartphone apps to make diagnoses and prescribe medication, but they will have to use words that can be interpreted by their patients.

The new app will allow them to use medical terms such as “medical conditions,” “medical issues,” “health problems,” “inform the public,” “information the public” and even “medical news.” 

The new smartphone app will make it possible for people in rural and remote areas to access healthcare information. 

“We know that patients have different needs, and we need to be able for them to find out what to do,” says Jennifer Korn, the CEO of Medical Bureau. 

The app will also allow health care workers to see patient charts, track medications, get information about treatment, provide guidance to their patients and get recommendations for what to prescribe.

“In a rural setting, there is a lot of isolation,” Korn said.

“When you walk into a doctor’s office, it is almost impossible for them not to know what your needs are.” 

A doctor might not be able get to know your symptoms, but the app will give them an idea of what is happening in your body. 

Korn said she hopes the app is the first step toward a new era of medical care in the rural and rural-intrusted areas of the United States.

The app is expected to be available in the fall.

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