September 29, 2021

The US government has banned passport holders from entering and exiting Australia.

But the US embassy in Canberra has announced it is allowing the use of passports that can be checked to ensure a passport holder has not been convicted of a crime or has been granted a passport by a third country.

In a statement on its website, the embassy said passports with a number or letter that stood for “United States” were still available, but were not being issued to anyone.

The embassy said there was “a good deal of confusion” over the new rule.

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Saturday making it illegal to knowingly bring a firearm onto the US mainland.

It says the new rules will help prevent “suspected terrorist attacks, criminal activities, acts of international terrorism, pandemic activity and other serious threats to public safety and national security”.

It says any non-US citizen who intends to travel to Australia will be required to apply for a US passport.

The US travel ban, which was announced in January, has been criticised by rights groups as overly broad.

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement that it was too broad and would affect a “significant number of people”.

He said the government was looking at ways to clarify the law, but that the US government had to “work closely with Australian officials to ensure the US is abiding by the rule”.

Immigration Minister Andrew Robb said that the Australian government was reviewing the new US immigration policy and was consulting with the US administration.

The Associated Press news agency reported on Sunday that the Trump administration has said it will allow the use in Australia of dual citizenship with the United States, meaning that dual citizens can travel to the US without being subject to US travel restrictions.

It is the first time dual citizens have been able to travel without facing a US travel restriction.

Australian officials have said the ban was not intended to target Australians.

Mr Robb told ABC TV that it had been an oversight on the US side and that the policy was not to discriminate against people on the basis of nationality.

“We have to work closely with the Australian Government and the Australian authorities to ensure that we have the necessary clarity to allow the people who are eligible to travel, and who are in the right place, to travel,” he said.

The Australian High Commission in Washington has confirmed that dual nationals from the US were not subject to the new ban.

The AP news agency reports that dual-nationals were not allowed to leave the US for any purpose except for visits to their home country, and that only US citizens were permitted to travel in the US on business.

The new restrictions come as the Trump government looks to ease restrictions on immigration.

The government has set a goal of reducing the number of refugees resettled in the country from 70,000 to 25,000 this year, from 250,000 now.

Mr Morrison said on Sunday there were “serious questions” about the US travel rules.

“They’re not working,” he told ABC Radio National.

“What we are doing is trying to make sure that they are working.”

Immigration Minister Rob Oakeshott said the Trump immigration policy was being reviewed, but he said the country’s government would continue to follow the law.

“This is not about discriminating against Australians,” Mr Oakeshiott said.

“It is about ensuring that those who have committed serious crimes can be returned to the countries that they came from, and so that those countries are safe and sound.”

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