September 26, 2021

Virginias police department says it will open an investigation into whether a trooper arrested a female officer for filing a false report that led to her rape conviction.

According to a news release, the Virginia State Police received information in October that a trooper was arrested for filing the false report.

The Virginia State Bar of Virginia says it’s investigating whether the officer’s actions violated any statutes or regulations.

According a news statement from the Virginias State Police, the trooper, identified as Sgt. Brian P. Miller, was “taken into custody for a warrant violation.”

The news release says the arrest came as a result of a traffic stop for allegedly driving with an expired license plate, which he admitted.

The trooper was later cleared of any wrongdoing and was later reinstated to his duties.

The department also released a statement saying it will review the incident to determine if any policies were violated.

“I can’t tell you how deeply sorry I am for this experience, and the loss of my friend, my partner and my family,” said Miller.

Miller is the first officer in Virginia’s history to be disciplined over a false rape conviction, according to Fox News.