June 20, 2021

Apple does not disclose medical data to the general public because of privacy laws, a company spokeswoman said.

Apple and other companies have been criticized for keeping data about people with diseases private, even as it has grown in popularity.

A growing number of health care providers are using the information to target customers and improve care, though the company said it is also working to improve the privacy of people using the products.

Apple is working to make sure medical information about its customers is only shared with the individuals they are treating, said Anne-Marie Côté, a spokeswoman for Apple.

Apple has not yet released a public list of the medical conditions it is sharing with medical providers.

Apple does disclose some data on its iOS devices, which can include the time and date a device was last used and the device’s location.

But Apple does that with permission from the individuals it is treating, not the companies that have given Apple permission to collect data, according to Apple.

In the case of medical data, Apple has said it doesn’t use the information because it’s a matter of trust, but Apple has acknowledged that it has had to turn over data to health care authorities for the past several years.

Apple was the first to offer an app for Android phones to allow people to access information about their health.

Apple’s iOS app, Apple Watch, has not.

Apple said it uses the information it receives from medical providers to provide better care, but it has been criticized by privacy advocates for not making that information available to consumers.

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