September 12, 2021

The latest unemployment data shows a dramatic drop in the number of Americans finding work in recent weeks.

The unemployment rate ticked down to 5.1 percent, the lowest level since March 2016, and the highest since December 2010. 

The drop is a reminder that the labor market remains very weak, with the economy at risk of losing momentum.

The U.N. and the International Monetary Fund are forecasting the economy will be at its weakest level in eight years by the end of 2018.

The data also confirms that the Great Recession is not over.

In fact, it’s only just begun.

Here’s a look at what job openings have opened and closed this week.

The Labor Department said Friday that more than 4 million Americans have found jobs, a rate that is far higher than the 4.3 million jobs the government counted last month.

The number of jobs that have opened in each of the past three months is about half of the previous two.

The latest job openings in the country are in the agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and retail industries.

There are still 2.5 million Americans who are jobless and counting, according to a Labor Department report. 

For the first time in five months, the number dropped below 5 million.

That is not surprising, as the economy has been slow to pick up steam.

The economy contracted at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in March and February.

The government said Friday it is still expecting the economy to contract by 2.3 percent this year. 

A lot of people are looking for work.

Despite the labor report, many people have been reluctant to get on a job search.

Some are choosing not to get into the labor force altogether, or not to take advantage of the unemployment benefits that they receive.

Others are worried about how they’ll be treated if they do find a job.

One of the most popular jobs to find is the landscaper.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 1.9 million Americans, or about 11 percent of the population, worked in landscaping services in March, up from about 6 percent in February. 

While there have been more people working in landscaper jobs, they are not as common as the ones we saw in the Great Depression.

The report said about 3.7 million people worked in that sector in March.

About 5 million of those were landscapers.

The rest were in other occupations, including janitors, cashiers, cashierial and cashier positions, and cashiers.

The labor report showed that the median hourly wage in March was $8.28.

The median weekly wage was $16.24.

Most of the jobs in the landscaping and retail sectors were held by people between the ages of 25 and 54.

The survey also showed that there were nearly 5 million fewer jobs in construction, construction and manufacturing than previously estimated.