September 6, 2021

Recode will host its third annual Inside the Wires podcast on Thursday, Oct. 20.

The podcast, which will be hosted by senior editor Sam Vaknin, will bring viewers into the heart of the healthcare sector, with the focus on topics such as the latest on the coronavirus pandemic, the new Medicare Advantage program, and what the healthcare industry is doing to combat the outbreak.

“The healthcare industry, like most sectors, has a lot to learn from healthcare benefits,” Vaknain said in a statement.

“The podcast will be a unique resource to help our audience get an inside look at the healthcare benefits that we know and love and how we can make them better for the future.”

Recode has been a partner of the Kaiser Family Foundation since 2017, and has a longstanding commitment to the healthcare market.

As the only news source to focus exclusively on healthcare and the healthcare-related industries, Recode is an important partner for Kaiser.

“Inside the News is a unique and compelling opportunity for Kaiser to help viewers understand the benefits of our program to them, and also to help us reach new audiences,” said Kaiser Communications CEO David Kamin.

“As the largest news organization in the U.S., we’ve worked closely with Recode to provide a wide range of premium-focused content to our listeners, and the Inside the news podcast is the perfect vehicle to do just that.”

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