August 20, 2021

This week the Federal Government is launching a new information management service to help individuals with dementia learn more about their health and care.

Key points:The Information Management Service will allow people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia to share and analyse information about their care and carers, including their carers and their care providerThe service will be offered to people who have been in care for less than a yearThe service is available to all people with a carer who has been in a care home or nursing homeThe service, which is being funded by the Federal government, will provide a platform for people with an Alzheimer’s or dementia to learn about their family’s carers.

“Achieving the goal of achieving dementia carers in a healthy and safe environment is a priority for the Government,” said Minister for Disability and Rehabilitation Steven Ciobo.

“We know the challenges that can arise when people with severe dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, have limited information, and we will work to create a platform to help improve information sharing, including sharing and analysing carers’ care, information and information management (IAM).”

The new service will provide users with the ability to share, analyse and organise information about the care and support they receive from their carer and their health care provider.

It will also be offered as a standalone service for people aged 70 years and older, and will also offer access to the Medicare Dementia Insurance Scheme, Medicare’s national care scheme.

The service’s launch comes amid a rise in the number of people needing help managing their care, and the growing number of patients with dementia.

According to the latest figures from the Australian Social Trends (AST) and Carers Australia, the number one cause of dementia deaths is heart disease, with the highest proportion of deaths in the elderly.

The data also showed that more than 70 per cent of people with the condition were aged 70 or over, while almost two thirds of people who died were aged 65 or over.

The new IAM service will also provide users access to data about the type of care they receive and information about how they can improve their care.

“I’m pleased to announce the launch of the new Information Management Services for people living with Alzheimer, dementia, and other serious illnesses,” said Ms Ciobo, who is also Minister for the Arts, Entertainment and Youth.

“This new service, and others that are coming to life, will help people to learn more, to improve their knowledge of their careers, and to make better decisions in the future.”

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