August 19, 2021

When an information security incident occurs, what is the status of the threat and what is your response?

While the first question may seem a little technical at first, there are many important factors that affect the response, and they are outlined below.

The following are important factors to consider in deciding how to respond to an information threat: The incident itself The degree of risk The duration of the incident The information is being released or disseminated The nature of the information The information has already been publicly released or disclosed by someone else in a way that could be construed as threatening to other people The amount of risk to the people in question The degree to which the threat is being communicated and whether the information is likely to be used to commit a crime or terrorist activity The likelihood that the information will be used in the future The nature and location of the source of the risk The frequency with which the information has been disclosed or shared The ability of the authorities to contain the threat