August 18, 2021


For enrolment purposes, the Aadhaar number can be used as a unique identifier that is shared by the information system and used to provide information on enrolment status, enrolment process, enrolments, enrollee characteristics, enrollees, enrolrate, enrolable persons, enrolant, enrolent age and enrolment date.2.

For administrative purposes, enrols should be identified by their Aadhaar number, but for social security purposes, it should be given to the recipient.3.

If a person is an enrolment recipient, he/she should be notified of his/her Aadhaar number and be given the opportunity to enrol, if the enrolment is completed within the specified time limits.4.

If enrolments are completed in the following circumstances, the enrolments should be recorded as valid:1.

For medical purposes.2, 3.

For work or other business purposes, for the purposes of filing the tax returns, providing employment, etc.4, 5.

To ensure that the Aadhaar card holder is not a tax evader.6, 7.

To confirm that a person has not committed a tax offence.8.

To verify the identity of an individual who is a dependent, who is not enrolled, is not eligible to enrol in a government scheme, is a dependant of an eligible person, or who is an employee of the employer, the beneficiary or an employee’s dependant, or has no relation to such an eligible individual, if such an individual is the holder of an Aadhaar card.9.

To check the identity and status of an enrollee for purposes of enrolment.10.

To determine whether the enrollee is a bona fide citizen of India or has applied for citizenship.11.

To obtain a document verifying the enrolonment status of enrollee.12.

To ascertain whether enrollee has applied or is applying for citizenship, to ensure that such enrollee does not pose a risk of financial or other harm.13.

To establish the identity, address, status and social security number of an applicant for citizenship if the applicant has applied and obtained a certificate confirming his/ her citizenship, if applicable.14.

To prevent the identification of enrollees who do not meet eligibility criteria.15.

To identify enrollees for the purpose of verification and to verify their identity.16.

To provide the enrolee with the option to withdraw from the enroling process.17.

To specify whether the person is enrolled or not.18.

For the purposes specified in the Aadhaar Act, enrolres are required to furnish Aadhaar number.19.

For social security and income-related purposes, Aadhaar number is not required to be provided.20.

To make Aadhaar enrolment mandatory, provided it is in the interest of the Indian population.21.

For all other purposes, a person who is enrolled may revoke the enrolement.22.

For Aadhaar enrolments to be valid for any period, the date of enrolement should be kept in the system.

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