August 12, 2021

What you need to know about the healthcare costs of your business.

The US healthcare industry has become a big target of the Trump administration as the US grapples with rising premiums and rising deductibles.

Trump has been trying to roll back healthcare reform in his first year in office, and many healthcare companies, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California, have said they are looking to cut their workforce or take on fewer employees.

A US-based health care executive told Reuters news agency that Trump was “playing with fire” on healthcare by slashing funding for Medicare.

He added that the health insurance industry had been hit hard by the administration’s actions and could have suffered even worse had the administration not taken so many measures.

“You’re playing with fire with Medicare,” said the executive, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

“The industry is still very strong, the economy is strong and the companies that are going to suffer from this are the ones that don’t have a lot of cash.”

The healthcare executive also said that there were a number of ways in which healthcare costs could go up under Trump.

“The fact that they’re going to have to pay a higher amount to get the drugs that they need is going to hurt,” he said.

“And they’re not going to be able to pay their premiums on time and that’s going to make their patients pay higher premiums.”

So you have this big risk and it’s just going to put them in a position where they’re more likely to miss their payments or be out of pocket.

“Trump’s administration also announced it would cut funding for many community health centres, which offer health services to low-income and low-skilled residents.

The announcement came just a day after Trump signed an executive order that said federal funds for the community health centre program would be cut by 30%.

A spokeswoman for Blue Cross Blue Shield said it would continue to provide healthcare services to residents in underserved areas and that there would be no change to services.”

The spokesperson also said the hospital group was “committed to providing excellent healthcare and care to our members”.”

We remain committed to supporting our patients and providing the best care for our members.”

The spokesperson also said the hospital group was “committed to providing excellent healthcare and care to our members”.

Health care experts and former executives have warned that cuts to the healthcare industry could push prices higher and drive people out of the market.

The healthcare industry is facing a severe crisis, but the Trump team is trying to push through a policy to force companies to cut jobs and slash healthcare spending.


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