August 11, 2021

MSNBC’s “Power Lunch” with Hillary Clinton will feature two speakers who have a unique perspective on how the American people are facing the most challenging time in their lives, one of whom is the author of the book “Information Is Beautiful.”

Clinton will talk about how the people of the United States are facing a new generation of problems that are going to take a long time to resolve, and she will also discuss how people of color are being left behind.

The event, which is scheduled for Sunday, March 15 at 2:30 p.m., will be streamed live at

The “Power Luncheon” will also feature a keynote address from the “Power Sisters” — a group of women who have served as leaders and advocates for women’s issues.

“It’s important for us to remember that we’re not the only ones in the world struggling to make ends meet,” the group’s founder, Elizabeth Gilbert, said.

“We’re just part of a larger story.

This is just one small piece of a bigger picture.”

Gilbert, who also serves as the co-founder of the Women’s Economic Policy Institute, is the first woman to serve as a national co-chair of the group.

The group’s first national conference, held in January, drew 1,000 attendees from across the country and has grown to more than 40 national and regional chapters.

Gilbert is also a member of the board of directors of the National Black Women’s Political Caucus.

She told MSNBC’s Michael Smerconish that women of color have experienced discrimination in the workplace and in the education system, and they have been left behind by our leaders.

She said the women of Color and other women who support Black Lives Matter have seen the effects of racism and oppression in our society.

Gilber said the biggest problem facing Black women and other minority women in this country right now is that we have not been given the tools to speak out about the problems we face, especially when we’re women of the color.

She said she has seen women of all colors who have been abused or who have faced harassment and discrimination.

“We have to stand up for ourselves and speak out and we have to do it now,” she said.

Gilbron added that the Black women of America are the backbone of our movement and the biggest voices in our country right at this moment.

“Black women, you are the heart and soul of our community, you have a voice and your voice is the heartbeat of our country,” she added.

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