August 1, 2021

Maharashtra: Aadhaar is expected to be implemented in the state’s public sector banks and in other government institutions by the end of March, a government official said.

The Aadhaar project will be implemented by state government, the official said on Saturday.

The project is a major step in the implementation of the National Population Registration System (NPS), which is under the Central Government.

The state government is also going to establish a database to be maintained by the Centre.

According to the official, the state government has decided to launch the programme in six months after the launch of the NPS in February 2018.

The state government plans to make Aadhaar-based biometric identification compulsory for enrolment in state schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other public sector institutions.

The Centre is also planning to establish Aadhaar-linked biometric authentication system to be administered by the State Bank of Maharashtra and Central Government, the officials said.