July 25, 2021

The Hollywood Reporter has released a list of the most-loved movies in 2017.

The list was released on Wednesday, and it includes films from major studios like Sony Pictures, Universal, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

The Hollywood Register named it the best movie of the year. 

“The Big Short” is the best-reviewed film, the report noted.

“Fifty Shades Darker” is tied for the second best-rated film, followed by “The Big Sick” and “Spotlight.”

“Spotlights” and  “Fifty Shadows” are the most widely-rated movies of the 2017 year.

The list is part of the Hollywood Reporter’s annual ranking of the 100 best movies.

The annual list was produced by the Hollywood Film Archive and the Hollywood Leadership Institute.

The 100 most-watched films in 2017 were released on February 23.

“The Best of” also includes the best films from the 2016 Oscar nominations, which included “The Revenant” and the “Darkest Hour” films.

The Oscar-nominated film, “Spotless,” won the award for best film.

A list of top 100 films in the list is below: “The Best Of” list, 2017, by the HFA: Top 100 Best Movies of 2017, Oscar Nominees, and Awards, by Academy Awards Year Nominee Year Title Title Title 1.

The Big Short (Lionsgate) 2.

The Revenant (Liongate) 3.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Sony) 4.

Fifty Shades Darkest Hour (Sony, Sony Pictures Classics) 5.

The Martian (Sony Pictures Classics, Warner Bros. Pictures Classics and Universal Pictures Classics; Universal) 6.

Spotlight (Universal Pictures Classics/A24) 7.

The King’s Speech (Warner Bros. Classics) 8.

The Mummy (Universal) 9.

The Witch (Universal Classics) 10.

The Secret Life of Pets (Universal Studios Classics) 11.

The Artist (Universal/Universal Classics/Lions) 12.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (LIONS) 13.

The Post (Universal; Warner Bros.)


The Imitation Game (Universal Arts/Universal Pictures; Universal Pictures) 15.

In the Heart of the Sea (Sony Classics) 16.

The Internship (Universal), starring Tom Hanks and Ellen Burstyn (Universal Picture Classics) 17.

The Devil Wears Prada (Sony/Columbia) 18.

The Kid (Sony Picture Classics/Universal) 19.

Blackhat (Universal, Warner) 20.

Inherent Vice (Universal Universal Pictures, Warner Classics) 21.

The Hateful Eight (Universal).


“The BFG” (Universal): Top 10 Films of 2017 (in descending order) Title Title Actor Actress Director Release Date 1.

“Spot” The BFG 2.

The Bully Bully (LION) 20th Anniversary Edition 3.

“Saving Mr. Banks” The Grand Guignol (LIVE!

Entertainment) 21st Anniversary Edition 4.

“Inherent Vice” The Immoral (LIV) 23rd Anniversary Edition 5.

“Lion” The Martian: The Complete First Season (Liv) 25th Anniversary Season 6.

“Gangs of New York” The Big Sick (LII) 26th Anniversary Episode 7.

“Finding Dory” Finding Dory (Live!

Entertainment; Sony Pictures) 28th Anniversary Premiere 8.

“A Christmas Carol” Carol (Liverside) 28.th Anniversary Ep. 9.

“Shaun of the Dead” Shaun of the DEAD (Livesite Entertainment; Lionsgate) 29th Anniversary Release 10.

“Big Little Lies” Big Little Lies (LOV) 30th Anniversary 12th Anniversary 11.

“Ghost” Ghost (LAV) 30.th Annual Release 12.

“Blackhat” Blackhat 2 (Lav) 30 -30th Anniversary 13.

“Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” The MUMMY: THE MOVIE (LAM) 30,31st Anniversary Release 14.

“Dark Places” The Dark Places (LOL) 32nd Anniversary Release 15.

“American Beauty” American Beauty (Lol) 32 – 32nd Annual Release 16.

“Hacksaw Ridge” The HACKSAW RIDGE (LIL) 34th Anniversary 17.

“Inside Out” Inside Out (LIM) 35th Anniversary 18.

“Captain Fantastic” Captain Fantastic (LOW) 36th Anniversary 19.

“Stripes” The Stripes (LOM) 37th Anniversary 20.

“Life of Pi” Life of Pi (LOO) 37 – 38th Anniversary 21.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2″ Guardians of the Galactic Vol.

3 (LOB) 39th Anniversary 22.

“Jupiter Ascending” Jupiter Ascending (LIA) 40th Anniversary 23.

“Suicide Squad” Suicide Squad (LIE) 41st

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