July 18, 2021

Vermont-area health information technicians are being hired to help process the health information systems jobs in the area.

Vermont Mayor Rick Geddes said the job posting was posted Monday and he expects it will open soon.

Geddes explained the company is in the process of applying for jobs with the city.

He said the Vermont Health Information Technology Team (VIT) will provide Vermont residents with information, including their health information.

The VIT will provide the Vermouth City Health Department with the daily, weekly and monthly health and social care records, he said.

The team will assist in creating a public health information system to manage the health care information and provide Vermouth residents with accurate and timely information.

Gedsen said he is hopeful that the Vermont VIT can help Vermont improve its communication, data collection, and tracking systems.

Vermont Mayor Rick Keddes on Monday announced that he has hired two health information tech technicians to help Vermmont residents manage their health care.

Keddes has said he hopes the VITs assistance will help Vermouth keep its data system up to date with health information information.